The Truth: Senator McConnell's Record on Obamacare

- Senator McConnell has made well over 100 floor speeches opposing the President’s health spending law.

- He was able to convince every Republican Senator to vote “no” on final passage of Obamacare

- On March 24, 2010, during debate of the reconciliation bill, Senator McConnell voted to repeal it.

- He introduced S.Amdt.13, a measure “to repeal the job-killing health care law and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.”

- On February 2, 2011, Senator McConnell followed through with his promise to make repeal of Obamacare one of the first votes taken by the Senate in the start of a new Congress.

- On March 21, 2012, Mitch pledged that, if Republicans became the majority party in the Senate in 2013, one of the first votes of the new session would be to repeal the health law.

- Senator McConnell has filed 4 amicus briefs in court arguing against the constitutionality of the law.